I haven't always been as conscientious as I know I should be with keeping my corporate records current. Now I use the ManageMyMinutes system, and staying compliant is one less thing I have to worry about.
- Stacy Woodward,
Kentucky Woman, Inc.

Saves me time and money! Every company owner, officer or director who wants to do everything possible to ensure compliance needs to subscribe to this service.
- Kimberly Enz,
Hillside Properties, Inc.

ManageMyMinutes ... what a great idea! I am delighted to recommend this service to all my clients!
- Jon Hellings, Attorney

I rely on Manage on ManageMyMinutes to help keep my company compliant with state law. It's really easy to use, and I especially appreciate the reminders they send me when it's time to update my record book. This wonderful service gets two thumbs up!
- Kent Eskam,


What is ManageMyMinutes?

ManageMyMinutes is a specialized document creation and retrieval system that not only gives corporations and LLCs the ability to automatically create, organize and maintain their corporate record books, but also automatically sends reminders whenever it's time to update records, offering ease and convenience every step of the way.

I've come across some unfamiliar terms that I probably should know, but I don't. Can you help me?

Absolutely. We've compiled a Glossary of the most common corporate terms to help you out. Just click on the word to find the definition.

Am I required by law to keep a corporate record book?

In a word, yes. In most states, when you sign your annual list of officers (or managers for LLCs), you are certifying that you are complying with the law. In the event of a court action brought against you and your company, it's important that your corporation has a paper trail of its important business activities. These records help ensure corporate integrity and document your corporation's key activities.

Why do I have to keep minutes?

Minutes, resolutions, bylaws, and notices of meetings are the most important documents needed to maintain a legitimate separate entity and afford the greatest protection for your personal assets." By keeping your records current, you are proving that you've held regular board and/or stockholder's meetings. These meeting minutes are preserved by you when you print out a copy for your record-book, and within your ManageMyMinutes account when you create the document.

I don't have a lot of time to invest in learning a complicated new application. How easy is this to use?

ManageMyMinutes not only makes record keeping fast and simple, but also is extremely easy to use. It requires only five or ten minutes a month. ManageMyMinutes is a user-friendly, intuitively simple application that demands no technical skills - only access to your e-mail.

Who should use ManageMyMinutes?

This service is for anyone who owns a privately held corporation or manages an LLC.

What are the key benefits of using ManageMyMinutes?

This service helps you to maintain the full legal protection of the "corporate veil" simply and easily, letting you spend as few as 5 minutes a month to maintain your records. In addition, ManageMyMinutes will send you automatic reminders about legal requirements that you need to act upon, including board meetings, annual filings and reporting requirements. This ensures that you meet all deadlines in a timely manner and that nothing slips through the cracks. Finally, ManageMyMinutes helps safeguard your personal assets. Failure to adequately document your business activities puts your personal assets at risk. So why not invest in a solution that can minimize that risk?

Why do I need ManageMyMinutes?

You might not. If you are one of those people who's meticulous about keeping your records current, and you don't mind the time and expense involved, this service may not be for you. However, if you're like most people, keeping your corporate minutes updated is one of those necessary activities that's easy to overlook. ManageMyMinutes ensures that you have a fast, easy way to remain in compliance with the law.

What does "piercing the corporate veil" mean?

This phrase is based on established legal theory used to describe a situation where the shareholders, officers, and directors of a corporation are held personally responsible for the acts of the corporation.

Can ManageMyMinutes help me to bring my company into compliance?

Yes. Once you register for this service you will be asked to complete a simple corporate profile and provide information about your company. You will be walked through a checklist of activities and answer questions about your past corporate activities. ManageMyMinutes then creates everything you need to adhere to corporate compliance rules, including:
  • Start-up documents such as bylaws and operating agreement
  • Resolutions
  • Minutes of meetings
  • Notices and waivers

    Is there any guarantee that my personal assets will be protected if I'm ever sued?

    No such guarantee exists anywhere, but ManageMyMinutes can help diminish your risk. Failure to follow rules of compliance can result in the courts ignoring the separate entity you've created and you would be treated as a sole proprietor. Proper record-keeping is only one of several requirements to keep the corporate veil intact, and protect your personal assets.